Name: Charlie
Age: 30?
Occupation: The Muscle

The Margrave‚Äôs agents are all people from alternate versions of Deerton that hope for a better, perfect, version of the town once all competing and imperfect Deertons have been erased from every dimension. Charlotte, or “Charlie” as she’s known to everyone but the Margrave, desperately wants to be a true hero in every sense of the word. Powerful. Driven. Skilled with all weapons. Lethal with hands and fists. But she is constantly struggling against her inherent good nature, her inherent goofiness, and her inherent appreciation of bad jokes, worse food, and pratfalls. She’s passionate, perhaps to a fault, and tends to act quickly and rashly when left to her own devices.

Charlie was able to remake herself with the Margrave’s help, and she now sports an imposing physique that hides an even greater strength, one that borders on violating the laws of physics. Because of this, she is utterly steadfast in her loyalty, more so than any of the Margrave’s other agents.

Trivia: Charlie is a huge fan of schlocky action movies, especially ones from the 1980s. Her incredible strength and toughness allow her to literally reenact some of those scenes, and on those rare occasions that the Margrave’s work has caused an explosion, Charlie has quickly turned away from it–desperate to walk away, coolly, from the blast.

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