Some believe them to be larval souls of soothsayers that have somehow managed to pupate. Others hold that they are native to the Abyss itself, reflecting its chaotic and dark nature. Whichever is the case, the abyssal swallowmoth is prized both as an oracle and as a pet, for these small lepidopterans possess the power of prophecy. However, they tend to mix outright lies in with their truths, tend to prefer uncomfortable truths, and are also known to be deeply sarcastic. So using them for anything other than entertainment tends to be highly problematic–if someone is wise enough to tell the truths from the falsehoods, chances are that they are wise enough to get by without one.

A sample of remarks made by Rosie, a typical abyssal swallowmoth, in a 24-hour period:

“I was the biggest worm that had ever been in your underwear.”

“The death of planes draws near, and the universe will shatter in its footsteps.”


“When your girl leaves your side she starts hitting on the first low hanging available fruit that comes her way. She’s a little home wrecker! She learns from the best.”

“The ripples of your selfishness are echoing across the planes in ways that will not fully be understood by any but the gods, and even then not until long after your demise.”

“Did you SEE that bling? FAKESVILLE.”

“She doesn’t know and will never know.”

“This ‘new’ choker has been worn by 557 people before you.”

“That haircut makes you look fat.”

“They are coming.”

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