Q: What does Buy.Ink purchase?
A: Got old unused printer cartridges? Whether it’s a Xerxes, Clanon, Spark, Joinlet-Hudson, Inushiba, Maxolta, Luthormarc, or any other major brand, we’ll buy it! Laser printers, inkjets, photocopiers…if it uses ink or toner, we’re into it!

Q: Who can sell to Buy.Ink?

A: Every year we pay millions of dollars for new or used empty ink and toner cartridges. We buy from companies large and small. We buy from federal government agencies, regardless of whether it counts as embezzling. Universities recycle with us, churches reincarnate with us, even fundraising groups such as as schools and scout troops send us those glorious black plastic items, full or empty.

Q: Can I purchase toner and ink cartridges from Buy.Ink?

A: No. It’s Buy.Ink, after all, not Sell.Ink! You will have to purchase your ink from other suppliers, assuming that we have not already bought them out.

Q: Wait…if you buy ink but don’t sell it, what’s the point?
A: The ink IS the end. We will not, and cannot, rest until every drop of ink in the world is under the Buy.Ink banner. We are gathering all pigment to us, in its many forms, and when the time is right, we will have established utter dominance over color itself. Then and only then will we rest, for only when we contain all colors can we put a color to that which lacks any hue: the darkness within the human soul, and the void we feel ourselves pitching bodily into at every turn.

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