August 2021

Name: Northern Mockingbird
Peckédex Number: 014
Type: Noisy type, Mimic type
Weakness: Quiet type
Evolves From: Northern Mockingbabe

These skillful songbirds are master mimics, copying the songs of other birds and even certain automobiles with poise and panache! Only the most experienced avian audiologists can tell the difference between a Northern Mockingbird and the real deal–or at least that would be the case if they didn’t compulsively sample and remix their mimicry into chart-topping new songs.

Songsteal – This attack causes no damage, but gives the Northern Mockingbird a chance to learn an enemy attack. Once learned, the attack is added to the Song Store.

Mimic – The Northern Mockingbird chooses an attack from its Song Store and performs it. The type of any attack is changed to Noisy Type but it is otherwise identical. Once used, the attack disappears from the Song Store and must be relearned.

Phat Beak Remix – By selecting two attacks from its Song Store, the Northern Mockingbird can attempt to remix them into a new attack. This new attack will be Noisy Type but may feature other types as well. Not all combinations result in a workable attack, but both will disappear from the Song Store and need to be relearned.

Flat Note – If the Northern Mockingbird chooses two incompatible attacks for a Phat Beak Remix, the result will be a Flat Note, which does mild Noisy Type damage to a single target.

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Name: Cooper’s Hawk
Peckédex Number: 013
Type: Light type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Dark type
Evolves From: Barrel Birb

These silver-backed sentinels aren’t afraid to wade in and do a little murder from above. Watch for their bright red or orange eyes as a sign that fowl deeds are afoot!

Chickenhawk Chuck – The Cooper’s Hawk lifts its prey up and drops it, causing light-type damage.

Ah Say Ah Say – The Cooper’s Hawk screeches, raising its defense against all elemental type damage except dark type.

Eye Laser – The Cooper’s Hawk’s scary eyes fire a laser beam, doing light non-elemental damage.

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Name: Carolina Chickadee
Peckédex Number: 012
Type: Metal type, Tit type
Weakness: Wood type
Evolves From: Carolina Eggadee

Smol but fierce, this southern chickadee brings big personality to the table. With its unmistakable cry, black cap, and classic bomb form, the Carolina Chickadee is ready to prove that size doesn’t matter.

Chicka-Dee-Dee-Dee – Adds 1 to the Carolina Chickadee’s Dee Counter. Caps at 99 Dees.

Chicka-DEUCE! – Deals metal-type damage based on the number of Dees in the Dee Counter. Higher numbers of Dees means more damage, status effects, and defense piercing.

Carolina Cuff – The Carolina Chickadee delivers a headbonk for light damage. Reduces the Dee Counter by 1.

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Name: American Robin
Peckédex Number: 011
Type: Fire type, Thrush type
Weakness: Water type
Evolves From: Scruffy Spotbreast

Long lauded as a herald of spring, this fiery-breasted, worm-getting early bird is not to be underestimated. With surprising girth and an appetite to match, this robin is sure to be the hero of many a tale, and not just a sidekick.

Early Bird – The American Robin raises its speed, allowing it to act more quickly especially against slower opponents.

Wormstrike – The American Robin whips a worm out of the ground and lashes out with it, whipping all enemies for moderate non-elemental damage.

Firebreast – The American Robin’s breast glows red-hot, inflicting Fire-type damage on any melee attackers.

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Name: Red-Shouldered Hawk
Peckédex Number: 010
Type: Air type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Earth type
Evolves From: Pink-Shouldered Hawkette

Is that a crimson chip on their shoulder, or are they just happy to be killing today? Either way, these impressive murderbirds deploy impressive snatch-and-grab tactics to keep their bellies full and their beaks bloodied!

Divebomb – The Red-Shouldered Hawk screams down on its prey with bared claws, dealing air-type damage. Weakened or low-level opponents may be eliminated entirely.

Piercing Gaze – The Red-Shouldered Hawk increases its enemy’s weakness to air-type damage, assuming that enemy is not immune.

Ominous Cry The Red-Shouldered Hawk circles the battlefield ominously, giving it a buff to its defense against all damage types other than earth-type.

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Name: European Starling
Peckédex Number: 009
Type: Sour type, Starling type
Weakness: Sweet type
Evolves From: European Protostar

Chunky, aggressive, numerous, and often invasive, European starlings are tiny supernovae ready to flare up and radiate meanness! With their large flocks and needle-sharp beaks, no suet is safe from these stellar rogues.

Starstrike – The European starling stabs with its beak, piercing some forms of defense.

A Thousand Eyes Shining in Darkness – The European starling causes sour damage by flashing its many spots at enemies.

Black Hole Bomb – The European starling summons its flock and bombards the target for several consecutive non-elemental attacks.

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Name: Chipping Sparrow
Peckédex Number: 008
Type: Air Type, Sparrow Type
Weakness: Earth
Evolves From: Chipster

The smallest but sassiest of the common sparrows, this cap-clad chipper is equally at home in a flock or on its own. With a distinctive flight call and a big attitude despite its small size, the chipping sparrow is no mere LBJ.

Flight Call – The chipping sparrow summons a tiny tornado that deals air-type damage to a single target.

Little Brown Jab – A weak thrust that nevertheless pierces all defense.

Chip in the Armor – The chipping sparrow exploits its tiny size and high speed to lower the defense of one enemy.

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Name: House Finch
Peckédex Number: 007
Type: Noisy, Finch
Weakness: Quiet
Evolves From: none

Once a prized pet under the stage name of “Hollywood Finch,” these feral fliers were let loose after the Migratory Bird Treaty. Freed from the bonds of their cages, but with low genetic diversity, they are reservoirs of gregarious disease–first to fly, first to die.

Plague Peck – A weak attack that can inflict mycoplasmal conjunctivitis on an enemy, which will inflict both the poison and blind statuses at the cost of the finch’s HP.

Tweetstorm – A sonic attack that inflicts low-level damage on all enemies.

Hollywood Feed – The finch eats all available food in the area, inflicting starvation damage on finch, cardinal, and sparrow types.

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Name: Eastern Towhee
Peckédex Number: 006
Type: Earth, Sparrow
Weakness: Air
Evolves From: Eastern Towbee

These handsome rufus-sided sparrows are master miners, effortlessly excavating for edibles. When the situation calls for it, they can unleash the power of soil and fight dirty.

Kicky-Dig – The towhee strikes the earth vigorously, bringing up either a maelstrom of rocks that are hurled at enemies, or a bug that is eaten to restore health.

Towhee-Point-Oh – A rip-roaring earthquake that damages all foes not currently airborne.

Heel-Towhee Kick – This pounding strike has a chance to throw foes to the dirt, rendering them helpless.

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Name: Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
Peckédex Number: 005
Type: Dark, Cardinal
Weakness: Light
Evolves From: Rose-Breasted Kleinbeak

This burly brawler of the backyard is always willing to throw down, especially the ladies, who have a long tradition of valkyrie-ism. When establishing a pecking order, they always know to go for the eyes!

Odin’s Eye – This blinding peck inflicts blindness and does dark-based damage. Ineffective against blackbird-type enemies.

Jourmungandr Joust – A meaty, axe-like swing with a seed-crackin’ beak for a shell of a lot of damage.

Einherjab – The grosbeak summons the spirits of warrior grosbeaks past and marshals them into an infernal horde, inflicting dark-based damage to all targets.

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