Cam pulled up the statement with a sigh.

Planet R38245n – Titanium ore – 12.2 ha – 3700 USC
Planet A47267u – Gold ore – 1.3 ha – 4200 USC
Planet N99182m – Atmosphere/Gravity Ratio – 10000 USC
Asteroid D16007b – Uranium ore – .7 ha – 5300 USC
Planet O19329e – Platinum ore – .2 ha – 1000 USC
Planet M50495r – Cobalt ore – 9.1 ha – 1500 USC

Oh sure, it looked great on paper. Charting resources on faraway planets with an RPD drone. How glamorous, how profitable! But considering the exchange rate of USC scrip into actual dollars, how many hours hooked up to his remote rig Cam had wasted just to be claimjumped, and how high his monthly expenses for student loans and payments on the RPD drone and rig themselves…

…he barely had enough for groceries.

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