And so it was that compassionate Clohl, whose caress is as gentle as that of a summer potato, came to the aid of Bee Jesus (the hive was in the Latin part of Minosia, you see, Jesus being a common given name thereabouts), a Hymenoptera drone who had been expelled from his hive after a nuptial flight and was wandering without purpose or even the ability to feed himself.

And so did Clohl come upon Bee Jesus and did show him that in order to rediscover his purpose and believe in himself, yea did he need to look deep within and scare himself out of himself. For it is only in scaring the self out of oneself that we can begin to look outward rather than inward and act with selfless compassion rather than selfish selfishness.

And these words did inspire Bee Jesus, and he did scare himself out of himself and return to his hive. And yea did he cast out the forces of wickedness within his hive, in essence scaring the Bee Jesus out of all his bretheren and sisters, before leading the hive in the charge toward a new golden age of honey. At least until he died after 90 days, as is the fate of all drones, and his colony collapsed for want of a queen.

So sayeth the Book of Apiary, the word of Clohl for the people of Clohl.

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