“Yes, it’s very important to me,” Tyree said, gesturing to the various crosses painted across the small vehicle, on the edges of its collar panels. “The car gets its power from the sun, and I get my power from the Son.”

“You built it yourself?” Doyle said, craning his neck to see if there was a charge port that would accommodate any of his devices.

“Oh yes, I used to be an engineer before I hear the call to witness,” said Tyree. “Professional grade solar cells on a tube steel frame with an integral trailer. It won’t protect me in a crash–I have the Holy Spirit for that!–but it will run for a hundred miles straight on a cloudy day before it needs a charge.”

“I have to admit, it’s a terrific idea to play on the similarity there of sun/Son,” Doyle said, hoping to butter Tyree up enough to ask about charging from the vehicle.

“It’s no mere wordplay,” Tyree said. “You see, that’s part of what I’m witnessing for. The sun and the Son are one and the same, you see!”

“That sun?” Doyle said, pointing at the fiery fusioning orb overhead. “You’re saying that’s the literal Son of God up there?

“Four hundred passages in the Bible support it, and none contradict it,” Tyree said, grinning. “The way the truth, and the light indeed!”

Suddenly the need for emergency power seemed somewhat less urgent than establishing a safe distance, at least to Doyle. Tyree, thrilled to have a listener, had already launched into the next phase of his solar screed.”

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