“Oh snap,” Carlos said. “You’re teaching in ES 215. The Bedroom.”

“Bedroom?” Marco looked at the building map. “It’s a lecture hall.”

“No, no. They call it the bedroom because it’s the most sleep-inducing classroom ever.”

“Classrooms don’t make people sleepy,” said Marco, straightening proudly. “Bad teachers do.”

“The lights in there flicker at 100 Hz, slower than we’re used to, which induces torpor. The chairs are very plush thanks to the renovation that only got half-done, so the kids sink into them. The room is always warm since it’s right up against the utility core of the building. And of course, there are no windows.”

“Bad. Lecturers.” Marco tapped his index finger on Carlos’s chest with each word.

“Well, we’ll just see about that. I recommend bringing a noisemaker of some kind to wake the kids up.”

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