Now, the second thing you’re going to have to realize is that I’ll be translating some terms for you. Like there’s going to be feet and inches and yards even though, in the branching alternate world I came from, they’re not called that. It’s just to help you understand.

If I were to use the real words, it would sound ridiculous and yank you right out of my story. We had a measurement that was roughly a yard but we called it an abre, and it was divided into 36 yots. It was named after the old King Abre of Jutia, who standardized all the weights and measures in the old kingdom, but it just means “knuckle.” I’m sure you can figure that one out too.

This gets complicated really quickly. We didn’t call King Abre “king,” we called him “Layx.” It doesn’t quite mean king, but it doesn’t translate well into English, and the concept is kind of weird in this alternate branching world. I guess the closest would be “elected-baron-over-other-barons-whose-son-gets-his-chair.”

Is it any wonder I’m trying to translate this a little for you? It’s tough enough to keep alternate worlds straight as it is.

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