“You can’t leave!” the first hooded figure, the one in a purple robe, cried. “It is a violation of the Tuvo Principle, the Society’s most cherished precept!”

“Wait a moment,” said the second hoodie, this one in crimson. “I thought free will was the centerpiece of the Tuvo Principle!”

“Free will aside from total subservience to the Society and the Tuvo Principle,” added a third member wearing forest green.

Crimson shook their head, as evidenced by the bobbing of their robe. “How can your will be free if you’re subservient?”

“Yeah,” said Yellow. “That’s dumb.”

“Well, if the Tuvo Principle isn’t what I say it is, then what is it?” Purple shouted.

“It’s absolute free will!” said Crimson.

“It’s absolute subservience!” shouted Green.

“I’ll show you who’s subservient!” Yellow followed these fighting words with an actual physical blow aimed at Purple.

The argument quickly degenerated into a melee after this. Forgotten amidst the Society’s shouting, Chris worked the bindings free and cut Avery loose with the sacrificial dagger.

“What the heck is the Tuvo Principle, anyway?” Said Avery as they fled.

“I don’t even think they know.”

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