Each soul is a droplet, a point of mist. When its shell expires, it rises, unnoticed, and returns to the well. There is it absorbed, mixed, reborn. The mist that can be seen rising off of the well is that of souls outgoing and souls incoming.

The collected knowledge and experiences of the well are the energies that power the world within the crystal. Everything inside the impenetrable shell crafted by the Glazier springs from and returns to the well.

But this has not always been the case. Many times throughout the history of the crystal, beings have sought to redirect souls away from the well for their own purposes, or to use the well’s energies for their own desires.

Everyone knows the tale of Erdall, who created her own well in mockery of the true one and built a mighty empire on its back. They know the story of her destruction and annihilation–never to return to the well herself–just as fluently. Perhaps its equal is the tale of Revinger, who sought to harness the power of the well to pierce the crystal and free the world from its “prison.” It is not for those within the crystal to know what he found when the howling void beyond sucked him in.

Is the rise of the Denier and its followers a peer to Erdall and Revinger, the two great enemies of the well? This remains to be seen.

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