Are YOU sick of pizzas that are too expensive? Are you tired of outrageous delivery fees, state and local taxes when all you want is a cheap pizza pie?

We were too, and that’s why we founded Deep Dish Deep Discount Pizza.

The finest ingredients? Fresh supplies? Artisan? That’s just a fancy word for expensive and wasteful. Our philosophy is to make ’em quick and make ’em cheap. We use lightly expired cheese, tomato sauce bought in bulk from Kyrgyzstan, and pepperoni damaged in shipment. Our toppings are fresh enough that we can bake most of the rancid out of them most of the time. We don’t pay our drivers because we don’t HAVE any drivers! All of our pizzas are taken to you by our cooks, and they get paid by the pie. If you get a bad pie, don’t worry! The symptoms won’t last more than a day or so, and our waiver means we’re legally unassailable.

That’s Deep Dish Deep Discount Pizza, corner of 5th and E.

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