MUÑOZ: And how long has she been acting like this?

CINDY: A week, maybe two. She has been growling, refusing to accept anything we give her, making a mess on the floor…

MUÑOZ: I need you to think carefully, Cindy. How did this all start?

CINDY: Well, we had just come home from the barbecue. It was amateur night, and-

MUÑOZ: Say no more. Let me lean down and whisper to her.

(MUÑOZ leans over, whispering to his subject in a sweet, low voice.)

MUÑOZ: She says that it is a simple problem. She says that in your husband’s haste to deal with a…problem…he pulled too hard and something broke.

CINDY: Can you fix it?

MUÑOZ: It is a simple matter.

(MUÑOZ opens the toilet tank and reconnects the plunger to the valve.)

MUÑOZ: It is done.

NARRATOR: Join us after the break for more exciting unclogginds with “The Tank Whisperer!”

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