“Look at this,” said Luis, laying his hand on the walk-in freezer. “This is the hospital morgue freezer. If any part of this building is haunted, this is it. Just imagine…everyone who died here over fifty years spent time in this freezer. All those deaths, all that turmoil, all that negative psychic energy…it’s like a precipitate. Like a chemical reaction. You saturate the area with enough of the stuff, and it will eventually start to fall out.”

“You want to wait until after I get the cameras set up to start making your speeches, hmm?” said Darius.

“You know me better than that,” said Luis with a sharp-edged grin. “I can speechify at a moment’s notice. That, along with your camera and Candice’s instruments, is what’s going to get our series picked up.”

“It looks like the walk-in freezer they had at Arby’s,” said Candice, idly latching and unlatching the giant freezer door. “No drawers or anything.”

“I guess they’d only keep people here for a little while,” Luis said. “No point spending money on drawers you’re not going to use. Darius?”

“We’re all set here,” said Darius. “The cameras will capture anything unusual. We can come back and film some segments tomorrow, once we get everything else set up.”

“The equipment’s ready too,” Candice said. “But are you sure we’re not going to be bothered? Or arrested?”

“Here, you can read it yourself if you like,” Luis said. He handed a creased and sweaty piece of paper to Candice. “A court order prohibiting anyone not involved in demolition work from being on the premises. Seems this place owed a lot of people a lot of money. Demolition doesn’t start for a week, and I’ve got paperwork here showing that I’m a duly sworn officer of the court doing advanced scouting.”

“Fake?” Darius said.

“Hell yeah,” laughed Luis. “But if it means that, for the next week we can live here while we film our pilot, I’ll forge a letter from the goddamn President.”

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