Thank you for inviting me to speak. I think you’ll find that my years of experience in terraforming planets to be habitable for my people, the Chug, will transfer very nicely to the Earth Republic.

First, we will need to alter the atmosphere with the introduction of carbon dioxide. This will thicken it to the necessary atmospheric pressure. We are aiming for something in the area of 100 megapascals, of course, but we can settle for as little as .5 to .75 megapascals to start with. I recommend a series of phased fusion reactors in the 40 gigawatt range and can recommend a good contractor to build them. I’ve had good luck with GesteCo, for instance.

Once the atmosphere is thick enough, we move into the second phase: the creation of a runaway greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide is sufficient for this, of course, but we want to make sure that the ingredients for life are still present. To that end, I usually switch about half of the phased fusion reactors to sulfur dioxide and water, in a propriety ratio I’ve developed that I think you’ll find very effective.

The end result is a planet that is completely suitable for life in as little as 5-10 years. I recommend introduction of my specially crafted bio-nanites partway through the process, but again, that is a proprietary technique. I hope you don’t mind me keeping a few secrets.

Eh? What’s that? Those temperatures and pressures aren’t conducive to Earth life? Goodness me, I had no idea you were so fragile. Even worse than the denizens of Nylar IV!

Well, ah, I think you’ll find that the atmospheric pressure and temperature about 50 kilometers up will be perfect for your species. And you say you breathe an oxygen/nitrogen mix? Better still! That’s a lifting gas on a standard planet such as this. You might even be able to rent the surface to a Galactic Common race like the Silanes or even the Polysilanols, if you can get them to behave themselves.

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