“No,” Luis whispered.

Darius’s footage was nothing but static. Something had corrupted the video files entirely.

Candice moaned from where she lay. Her skin was thick with sweat, and more open sores dotted her body. Whatever had killed Darius was about to do the same to her, and Luis could feel it happening to him as well.

It had all been for nothing.

Luis was losing control of his body, and he stumbled backwards over the wheelbarrow of plunder that had lain there, forgotten, since they had confronted the looters.

It tipped, spilled, scattered. And amid the copper wire and steel trays, Luis could see a familiar glow in the darkness, eerie and blue. He reached out a trembling hand and turned the capsule over.

WARNING RADIATION SOURCE Contains radioactive cesium-137 chloride salt. DO NOT HANDLE.

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