“Now, you understand that the people I come from, the Hixzhlk, are a quasi-hive-mind. We constantly broadcast our thoughts and feelings via subtle pheromones, and tend toward group consensus. By leaving them, by stepping away from the hives, I am certifiably insane by the standards of the Hixzhlk. But I believe strongly in the ordered society that my people promote, so much so that I am willing to bring them to you, even crippled as you are the lack of pheromone receptors.”

“So, as your administrator, I will ask only that you work ably, harmoniously, and well. Some in my previous posts have called me a cruel taskmaster, a heartless bug who won’t be happy until the workers beneath me are assimilated into my hive mind. This could not be further from the truth. If I seem cruel, it is because I am acting for the greater good. My door is always open if you need an explanation, and I expect and encourage the questioning of my decisions. But unless and until I say otherwise, they will be carried out efficiently and with alacrity.”

“Also know that I greatly value harmony as a Hixzhlk. There will be no discourtesy, no bullying, no fighting. You will be civil to one another. Beyond that, and beyond the fulfillment of your duties during working hours, your time is yours. Just make sure that you do nothing that will diminish productivity, incite disharmony, or embarrass me.”

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