“I’m getting interference,” Candice said. “Here, take a look.”

She pulled Luis over to her computer screen, where the instruments were reading. Both the microphone, the infrared camera, and the low-frequency microphone were picking up intense interference.

“That’s a result,” said Luis. “That’s a result right there.”

“Not only that,” said Candice. “It’s directional. See?”

She picked up her microphone and moved it in an arc. The static spiked when she held it down and to the left, pointing at a location that roughly corresponded to the hospital’s newest wing.

Darius already had his portable camera. “All right,” he said “Let’s go.”

“Let me just get some things.” Luis grabbed his forged documentation from the gurney and, dipping into his bag, retrieved a small .380 pistol.

“Is that really necessary?” Darius said.

“We’re not the only people that could have figured out this place would be abandoned,” said Luis. “People have broken into these places to steal copper wire and stuff. I have a permit, but if it comes to it…I’d rather have it and not need it.”

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