December 1, 1941
Arrived Cocatris Island with detachment of 10 contractors. Contract is for a small base to serve as the nucleus for farming and development, and to reinforce US claim to island in the fact of Japan and UK counter-claims. Equipment offloaded from Clemson-class destroyer USS WoodburyDD-309 provided by US government. Anticipate work will take approximately one month.

December 9, 1941
The Woodbury has failed to arrive for its scheduled stop. It’s a bit worrisome, as they were our sole means of communication and resupply. Luckily, we have built a dock and a number of shelters including a hut with emergency supplies, and should be able to last a while until the ship returns.

January 2, 1942
We’ve been able to pick up Radio Tokyo and the BBC on our shortwave, but without a transmitter it’s not much better than reading the newspaper. Found out what happened to the Woodbury, at least: it’s been confirmed sunk by both the Japanese and the Brits. It’s possible that the government thinks it was sunk before we were dropped off on Cocatris, since we were were ahead of schedule…

February 15, 1942
the freshwater lens is just too damn unstable and we’re drinking it too fast…even with rations we’re running low on water. eidelman volunteered to take the skiff and a crew to becker island to try and contact the crew there

February 29, 1942
goOd ridDancE…EidelmAn was aLways a Plotter…no wAter lEFt, moSt of the cRew deaD…but ilL be fIne…tHe iSlanD wilL proVide

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