“As you know, Dr. Clausius is a licensed cosmologist and cosmological surgeon specializing in thermodynamic surgery and a licensed and bonded quantum mechanic. What sort of procedure were you interested in, Mr. Carnot?”

“I find that I have too much entropy, and that my closed system keeps losing energy without input from an external source. My system keeps spontaneously evolving towards thermodynamic equilibrium.”

“In that case, we have a wide range of surgical options available. There is of course full entropy surgery, which will amputate the second law of thermodynamics. that’s an expensive and somewhat dangerous option, naturally.”

“What else have you got?”

“Well, there’s the standard entroplasty, which disguises local entropy over a galactic span of time through that appears to be a perpetual motion machine. Then we have the entropic bypass, which is a bit more involved but less expensive and dangerous than the full entropy surgery. The EB will alter the flow of energy through your closed system so that you feel ordered with much less heat, energy, work, or input from an exterior source.”

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