Here at The Hamster Sepulchre, we understand that childhood and classroom pets won’t last forever, and significantly less than forever if they are dressed up with Barbie clothes or fed a steady diet of leftover cafeteria food. Our founder, the Rev. Holsey McFetridge, was devastated by the loss of his childhood pet Sniffles the Syrian Hamster to eruptive sinusitis, and he vowed to create a safe and welcoming environment for small pets and their bereaved.

Set among an idyllic and scenic 27-acre landscaped park, interments at The Hamster Sepulchre represent a peaceful repose and a celebration of your pet’s short but fuzzy life.

Though The Hamster Sepulchre was initially founded for mesocricetus auratus and its fellow Cricetinae, we now accept interments from all species of small mammalian pets. From rabbits to gerbils to viscachas, all are welcome. No birds, lizards, and especially snakes please; their diets of rodents are disrespectful to our interees. Fish, especially goldfish, are an exception to the “no non-mammals” policy as they are excellent fertilizer.

The Sepulchre offers full open and closed shoebox funeral rites at our on-site non-denominational chapel, as well as memorial ceremonies, life celebrations, and raw materials reprocessing for our customers that are of other faiths, agnostic, or atheist. Cremation and Tibetan sky burial are available for a by-the-pound charge, and thimbles full of ashes may be kept as mementos or displayed in our Curio Shelf of Remembrance.

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