Prosecution Exhibit #47
Fragment from contraband Manifesto of Choice by “Zeitengel,” possession of which is prohibited by City Ordinance 217 ยง10

We are all products of our choices. It is only through choice and the exercise of a free will that we can impact our environment, and ourselves. Free choice, and free acceptance of whatever consequences those choices bring, are the very foundation of human life and by extension a moral imperative.

Some have said that their choices are made for them before they are born or before they are old enough to choose for themselves. There is an element of truth to this, but it does not negate the central precept. Dealing with the choices others have made is, in and of itself, a choice. This is why some choices have led those of mean circumstance to power and those of wealth and affluence to ruin.

The abdication of choice, therefore, represents a death. Without the will to choose, blindly allowing others to choose for them, the abdicator has no influence and no impact. They are, functionally, deceased–and it is only a matter of allowing the physical reality to catch up with the metaphysical. At the mercy of the choosers and choicemakers, the abdicators must redeem themselves or face the consequences of their actions.

For abdication of choice is in and of itself a choice.

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