People find hidden or dummied-out content in video games all the time. Often, especially for games released in the infancy of a platform or on a tight schedule, relics of development or pieces cut out at the last moment remain.

With the development of computer-based emulation, enthusiasts have been able to pull back the curtains and see things that developers didn’t want them to see. It might be as little as an unused enemy or palette, or as much as a whole area, plot thread, or ending.

For most people, it’s harmless fun, something to post in fan wiki.

Then, there was the programmer/artist that worked on the obscure 1991 platformer Mighty Metal Adventures. When a group of enterprising hackers downloaded data from the cartridge onto a computer to sift through it…most were never seen again. The few who could be found were driven to frenzied bouts of madness by what they’d seen.

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