“Russ! Hey Russ!” Jordan poked his friend and classmate across their table. “Check out the girl waiting for her latte.”

Russell put down his book and looked up. Sure enough, there was a brunette there waiting for an expensive coffee-based drink. “Yeah, so what? She’s kind of cute, but so is half of the line. That’s just how Stubb’s Coffee is.”

“No, no,” whispered Jordan. “Her coat, look at her coat!”

Russel didn’t see anything strange about the girl’s coat, a standard designer affair that looked trendy but couldn’t have held off the bitter cold very well. “It’s a coat,” he said drily. “Definitely a coat.”

“The light, the light!”

There was, Russell could see, an LED-sized red light shining at the bottom of the young lady’s coat, near where the zipper started. It didn’t correspond with any pockets–the jacket didn’t have pockets, it was too trendy for that–and the material was too thick to let light bleed through.

“I’ll be damned, there is a light on her jacket,” he said.

“What do you think it is?” hissed Jordan excitedly.

“Jordan, it’s 2014. It’s the future. Marty McFly gets here from 1985 last year. Everything has a light on it. Could be a USB heating jacket that’s almost out of charge.”

“Oh,” said Jordan, a little crestfallen. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

Unseen by either of them, the lady collected her latte and left, slipping around a corner. “What is it?” she cried into her communicator, concealed in what appeared to be a normal jacket. “Couldn’t whatever message you have wait until I wasn’t in public?”

“You’ve been found out,” was the only reply. “It’s time to cut you loose.

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