Secret of the Dragon Fantasy FAQ v. 3.141592653589793238462643383
for the Nonysoft PlayBox
by zzXXsaiyankillaXXzz
© 2004 by Notta Realman

This FAQ is ª, ©, and ¨ by me, zzXXsaiyankillaXXzz. Any attempt at stealing it will be met with long, whiny protest emails and the submission of offending email accounts to multiple spam retailers. It may only be displayed at:

antisocialart dot com (because all my work is art!)
gamesparkcheatsharkspot dot net (because all the cool FAQs hang out there)

Contact me if you plan on distributing, publishing, spell checking, or otherwise molesting my precious words. Don’t think that I won’t sic the lawyers on your sorry asses for stealing my work that manipulates someone else’s intellectual property for the purposes of cheating!

***Table of Contents***
1. FAQ Title
3. Table of Contents
4. Revision History
5. Characters
6. Walkthrough
7. Side Quests

***Revision History***
v. 3.141592653589793238462643383
Leetgames hired me to do their official strategy manual, so I reverted to an earlier version and spell-checked it.

v. 3
Lots of little fixes, mostly emoticon-related. o_O

v. 2
Added a Table of Contents, since people were whining that they had no idea what was where. No my fault if you’re too damn lazy to read the whole thing.

v. 1
Added Characters and contact information. I was getting a ton of snail mail from disgruntled FAQ readers wondering where everything other than my snazzy intro is, and the fact that my postal address is so widely known fills me with fear and unease. I am therefore moving and providing an email contact. I have left no forwarding address; those of you who threatened to send bombs and live anthrax will have to make do with sending a virus or ads for gonad enlargers.

Removed the chili con carne recipe.

v. 0
Behold, the almighty act of creation! Yea, tremble as zzXXsaiyankillaXXzz forms order out of the chaos and brings light to the blind! Witness, as he brings forth his greatest creation since that 27-part epic Evanglion fanfic back in 2000! Fear me, mortals, for you shall soon be enthralled to the Dread Lord of the Secret Dragon Fantasy FAQ!

Added the intro, disclaimer, warning, and chili con carne recipe.

So, you want to prepare for your epic journey into the land of Clichea, do you? Well, hold on! Stand back, unsheathe that sword, ready a superpotion, and prepare to dive in headfirst!

Avast ye, ye scurvy sea dogs! There be golden spoilers the likes o’ which ye never seen on your scurvy course.

[Yes, I know that the Intro isn’t in the Table of Contents. It doesn’t need to be, dammit! It’s just an unexpected bonus chance to relish my verbal wit.]

COMING SOON! [I do have a life outside this FAQ, you know. I occasionally play other games, once in a while on other systems!]

***Side Quests***
COMING SOON! [Stop bugging me about this! There is no way to unfreeze the Zarg on level thirteen of the Endless Dungeon! And Carmina stays dead!

***Item List***
COMING SOON! [I do have a full-time fast-food job in addition to hundreds of hours spent zombie-eyed in front of the tube! Hold your horses! And no, you can only find three PrestoDrinks in the whole game. There aren’t any more. I don’t care how many Chitterers you kill.]

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