Description: Subject can control streetlights, turning them on or off at will or when suitably distracted or startled. The effects do not extend to any other form of illumination–just streetlamps. Oddly, gaslight lamps are affected where they can be found. In fact, any light installed in a streetlight mounting will be affected provided subject does not witness its installation.

Tactical Uses: Negligible. Subject can, with great concentration, cause the lights to burst or burn out, which may have minor usefulness during certain kinds of night operations.


Description: Subject can cause localized light rain after ingesting raindrops that they caught themselves. No other form of water, distilled, undistilled, or rain capture, will work: subject must catch drops themselves, though they appear to be able to use a receptacle and store said drops once caught. Depending on the quality and quantity of ingested rainwater, effect will cover anywhere from one square meter to five square kilometers, will begin anywhere from one minute to one hour after ingestion, and will last fifteen minutes to just under two hours.

Tactical Uses: Limited. Rain can sometimes serve as camouflage, distraction, or emergency potable water supply.


Description: If so inclined, and if allowed to speak at length, subject is capable of inducing temporary depression in listeners. The content of said speech is unimportant, but subjects must be actively listening. Resulting depression lasts anywhere from one hour to one week and is not severe enough to produce bodily harm, only deep discomfort and unease.

Tactical Uses: Nil

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