The American Scholars’ Association (ASA) maintains a diverse and involved Emerging Leaders program. The program encourages our Emerging Leaders to take the lead in solving discipline-spanning problems, tackle today’s most controversial social issues, network within the top ranks of the ASA, and put themselves at the service of scholarship in all its forms.

The 2014 ASA Emerging Leaders program will begin at the ASA Annual Conference in sunny, seedy Reno, Nevada–“The Biggest Little City in the World.” During the conference keynote, our ASA Emerging Leaders will be brought onstage in their protective chrysalises–having spent the time since the 2013 Annual Conference safely cocooned away from the cares of the world. And as our Emerging Leaders emerge from their split chrysalises, still moist in the desert sun, we will all feel the first stirrings of their telepathic and psionic powers, which give them the ability and the destiny to control scholars as a gestalt hive mind.

We will then lift our voices up in song as the 2015 Emerging Leaders are chosen and begin the process of secreting their own chrysalises, to supplant our 2014 Emerging Leaders once their brief lifespans–during which they are unable to feed themselves–are over. If you are interested in becoming an ASA Emerging Leader, application forms are available on the ASA website and digitally on ASA Connect. The ASA is a 501(c) nonprofit organization, and all income generated by the Emerging Leaders’ immense mental powers and physical strength is rolled back into ASA operations.

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